After that, it’d be possible to interact with a creative approach, giving identity to “OUR NEW WAY OF ACT” PROJECT.

The eyeglasses field is definitely an exciting sector. And we wanted to do something special. We wanted to live it deeply. In a word, we wanted to speak our minds! We had to enter in this world, but we didn’t know how. The signs were so clear, though. The answer was there, but we couldn’t see it, or rather, we were too much scared to accept it.

The eyeglasses were often similar, perhaps stale, made without innovation, without any points of view, without identity, and the marketing was profit oriented. It was less and less italian manufacturing and more and more external and low cost production. As a result, Italy, in the eyeglasses field, had been brought on its knees, and its tradition and the secrets of its handicraft seriously put at risk. The answer was clear, we had to look for something. But when you search for, you have to know what you seek, and we didn’t. We only knew we had a lot to learn, so we decided to start from the beginning of the spectacles production, to understand deeply the development and the technique that bring to the final object. After that, it’d be possible to interact with a creative approach, giving identity to “OUR NEW WAY OF ACT” PROJECT.

We’ve studied a lot, and we’ve learnt that history is cyclical, that honesty at the end pays you back but, at the moment, we are suffering the consequences of a wide speculation and a wicked management. We know passion is the key to outstrip all others, and luckily we have plenty of it! So we went back to the original source, where the first italian eyeglass factory was set up: we went to CALALZO DI CADORE, a small village in the region of Veneto.

We knew they’d not welcome us with open arms because there are only a few little factory left, and they are in trouble. In the 80′s and 90′s this small town was living its golden age; on the contrary, today, people who work in this field has been divested of its know-how and it rightly feels betrayed. It hasn’t been easy, however, with a lot of time, dedication and sacrifice, at the end they opened up and let us in, building up a deep trustful relationship which still binds us to them. The aim of this cooperation was to combine the traditional handicraft of Calalzo di Cadore with the new market trends. And here we are, GLARE! A brand which is strictly and completely handmade in Italy.